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本文摘要:Early signs show that bigger iPhones are already leading to bigger sales for Apple.可行性迹象表明,尺寸较小的iPhone在为苹果公司(Apple)带给更高的销售额。

Early signs show that bigger iPhones are already leading to bigger sales for Apple.可行性迹象表明,尺寸较小的iPhone在为苹果公司(Apple)带给更高的销售额。The company on Monday said that early orders for the new iPhones — the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — topped four million in the first 24 hours that they became available for order online over the weekend. That is double the number of early orders that came in for the iPhone 5 when it first went on sale online two years ago.该公司周一回应,新款iPhone,即iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,从上周末起可以在线预约以来,最初24小时里接到的预售订单就低约400万份,与两年前iPhone 5刚在线发售时的预售订单数据比起翻了一番。Both new iPhones unveiled last week are significantly larger than previous models. The iPhone 6 screen measures 4.7 inches diagonally and the iPhone 6 Plus screen measures 5.5 inches. The earlier iPhone 5S had a four-inch screen. The new phones arrive in stores on Friday.上周发售的这两款新的iPhone都比过去的型号大很多,iPhone 6屏幕对角线尺寸有4.7英寸,而iPhone 6 Plus屏幕尺寸则为5.5英寸。

此前的iPhone 5S屏幕为4英寸。新款手机将于本周五在店铺里下架。By increasing the screen size of the iPhone, Apple was responding to a broad market trend: Consumers, especially those in China, are gravitating toward bigger and bigger screens on smartphones, just as they did with televisions.苹果不断扩大屏幕的尺寸是在对此一种普遍的市场趋势。消费者,特别是在是中国消费者,都被智能手机上更加大的屏幕所更有,就像他们对电视的态度一样。


Some financial analysts are optimistic that the early orders will amount to record-breaking iPhone sales over all. Maynard Um, an analyst for Wells Fargo, said that Apple was on track to meet expectations for sales of millions in the “low teens” range in the first weekend. That would be much higher than the nine million in first-weekend sales last year for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.一些金融分析师悲观地指出,预售订单的趋势需要使iPhone获得创纪录的整体销量。富国银行(Wells Fargo)分析师梅纳德·乌姆(Maynard Um)说道,看趋势,苹果需要在第一个周末超过略高于一千万台的销售预期。这比iPhone 5S和iPhone 5C去年发售时900万台的首周末销量高达很多。

It can be easy to lose perspective on what those numbers mean. For comparison, Motorola Mobility shipped 6.5 million smartphones in the first three months of the year. Apple’s iPhones are expected to sell at least double that number in just their first weekend in stores.这些数字的意义也许很更容易就被忽视。相比之下,摩托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)在今年头三个月里的智能手机出货量为650万台。

而按照预期,苹果的iPhone在下架的第一个周末,就能超过这个数字的两倍。Toni Sacconaghi, a financial analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein, said that although the recently introduced Apple Watch and mobile payments service may create new revenue streams for Apple, the company’s financial situation remains fundamentally unchanged: Its financial earnings still lean heavily on sales of the iPhone, which accounts for about 70 percent of Apple’s profit.桑福德·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein)的金融分析师托尼·萨克纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)说道,尽管新的发售的Apple Watch和移动支付服务可能会为苹果公司建构新的收益来源,但该公司的财务状况基本上会变化:很大部分盈利依然必须依赖iPhone,该产品贡献了公司70%的利润。Still, it remains unclear, Mr. Sacconaghi said in an email, whether the new iPhones will ultimately help the company’s profits.不过萨克纳吉在电子邮件中说道,还不确切新款iPhone最后是不是不利于该公司的利润。


“Can Apple sustain iPhone margins in the face of higher costs on both new phones (larger screen, battery, more memory, better processor, etc.) and a price increase on only the larger offering?” he said.“这两款新手机成本提升了(屏幕更大、电池更大、存储量更大、处理器更佳,等等),而只有较小型号的价格提升了。苹果还能保持iPhone的利润率吗?”他问道。